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Adult Psychotherapy

Therapy is a space to talk about your thoughts and feelings, and to share and make sense of experiences which may be causing you emotional distress. Therapy would begin with a few initial sessions, which would give you the chance to decide whether you feel comfortable working together. The first few sessions involve exploring the reasons bringing the client to therapy, and discussing some aspects of the client’s background and environment which may contribute to his/her difficulties.

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Sometimes, clients prefer to come for a few sessions, to resolve a current difficulty. It is also possible that clients might consider longer-term therapy, to try to resolve patterns in their lives which are unhelpful or limiting in some way.

People often come to therapy hoping to feel understood, and I try to understand how clients feel and experience the world from their point of view. Once we have some understanding of the client's experience, I think it is useful to explore possible underlying causes of the client’s difficulties. This exploration may involve deeper work, where we try to understand and heal these patterns.